Understanding Coverages: Cover 2 Zone

11 Sep

Cover 2 Zone

The pre-snap read (PSR) is based on the depth of the Corners (C) and Safeties (S).  The C’s will usually be outside of the wide receivers and the S’s will be near
the hash marks, aligned deeper than the C’s.

If the ball is on the hash, look to the strong side defensive back for their alignment because the Safety will naturally be on the hash. If the Defensive End (E) drops to the curl, then all six (6) underneath zones are covered.

When the Will (W) has outside leverage on the second receiver, assume W has flat and rule out two (2) deep, five (5) under coverage and is possibly 3D rotation or Quarter-Quarter, Half.

– Strengths

  1. Strong versus run
  2. leverage on both wide receivers
  3. cover five (5) of the six (6) underneath zones
  4. four (4) man rush
  5. takes away the outs
  6. can hold up the TE
  7. weakside force and contain

– Weaknesses

  1. Safeties must cover  half (½) the field; i.e., the three (3) deep zones are covered by two
  2. inside receiver  down the middle
  3. LBs must cover curl
  4. strong side contain
  5. weak inside linebacker to curl
  6. wide splits can  create lanes

– How to attack it

  1. Use “Spread Formations” to horizontally stretch the safeties
  2. vertically stretch the flats to create lanes
  3. a natural hole twenty to twenty-five (20-25) yards along the sidelines
  4. weakside curl
  5. corner routes
  6. flood type routes

With special thanks to Ron Jenkins from TopGun QB/Receiver Academy for his insight and illustration: http://topgunqbacademy.com/


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