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5 Idiotic Statements Football Coaches and Parents Make

8 Dec

by Coach Curtis Peterson

Yep, I said it. These statements are idiotic. Not that you’re an idiot if you’ve said them at some point.  I know I have from time to time, but there is most definitely a clearer way to get the point across to the players. Usually that way tells the player the solution too, where as these statements do not.

1) “Block Somebody!”

The most dreaded statement every offensive line coach can hear. I’ve heard defensive coaches say this before and I want to literally kick them in the face. Block who? How do you know the back didn’t go the wrong way or the QB didn’t boot the wrong way.  This actually happened.  Everyone went one way, the QB went the opposite, and the OL still got boo’d. Couldn’t be anymore obvious who was in the wrong too!

Saying “block somebody” doesn’t tell the kids anything. It frustrates and confuses them. Thoughts could include, “Block who?” or “Well, they must be talking about him b/c I blocked somebody”.

Here’s the problem, the guy who was wrong probably did block somebody, the wrong somebody, or he used bad technique. Instead, when the kid is on the sidelines, tell him details.

For instance, if the center didn’t block back on Power, you could say, “You’ve got to block down, not out b/c the guard is pulling. You’re also standing up, you need more bend in your legs.”

Instead of simply yelling because you’re frustrated, use your eyes and know the scheme. If you can’t or don’t have the ability to do both of those statements, please shut up.

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4 Keys to Running a Balanced Offense

6 Dec

by Joe Daniel

Most coaches want to have balance in their offense. In order to have balance though, a coach needs to define what balance is for his offense.

Balance is not a 50-50 split of runs and passes. Most coaches think of that when they think of a balanced offense. In fact, balance is when the opponent has the threat of you running or passing in any given situation.

To bring balance to your offense, you only need to follow these guidelines:

1. Self Scouting: Each week you need to take film to see what your opponent will see. You may think you’re pretty sneaky, but chances are you have some pretty strong tendencies if you are not self scouting.

Hopefully you have video analysis software like Hudl and this will not take long. Tag last week’s game, then run a report on the last two or three games to see your tendencies in every situation.

Pay attention to down & distance, field position and hash placement when you are self scouting your offensive playcalling. If you have strong tendencies anywhere, plan to break them this week.

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