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Route Progression vs. Read Progression

9 Sep

By Mike Wyatt, Head Coach, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Young coaches that don’t understand the passing game have a fear of it.  Although with the recent explosion of spread offenses, a lot more coaches have become familiar with the passing game and are experts at it. It really is not as hard as some might think.

There are two types of progressions in reading a defense. These are:

  • Route Progression
  • Read Progression

With route progression, a Quarterback will have a primary, secondary and third route to throw to and will go through those reads in that progression: 1st,
2nd, 3rd.

However, with read progression, the Quarterback will focus in on a segment of the coverage and by reading that segment, he will determine which receiver is
primary and which is secondary.

Any well designed passing game will have routes that will feature both types of reads. However, some will have more of one than the other.

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