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Chalk Talk: Power Sweep

17 Sep

In this series of 3 videos, the great Vince Lombardi breaksdown the Power Sweep and its complementary plays.  Good stuff if you’re looking to run outside:



Video: Inside-Out Pursuit

15 Sep

This is an excellent video on how defenders — not just Linebackers — should pursue a running back from the inside-out and use the sideline as help. 

Video: Boys of Fall – “Coaches”

11 Sep

Coaching is more than X’s and O’s.  Much more, as the video below will attest.  If you don’t love what you’re doing, then maybe you’re doing it wrong or you’re in the wrong profession.

Learning Basic Coverages

10 Sep

Video explaining how to recognize basic coverages — from Top Gun Academy.

Video: Power Play

8 Sep

Here’s some video on what is probably football’s oldest play:


Technique – Defensive Backs

2 Aug

Five minute video on stance, backpedal and replacement steps.   Homegrown video but good stuff.

Greatest Comeback Ever?

28 Jul

Greatest comeback ever?  Maybe.  Three onside kicks give new meaning to the expression, “Never give up”.   But one poorly covered kick-off can, as one annoucer says, make you want to throw up.

Trick Play by Steve Spurrier

19 Jul

Looks like the star burst kick-off return.  You’d definitely need solid blocking up front to give the play time to develop.

Defensive Line Drills (Video)

14 Jul

Defensive Line Fundamentals:

Get Off Progression: Run, Pass, Redirect, Recognition

Sprint Pass – Flood Route (Video)

13 Jul

Here’s a video analysis of a flood concept from an empty set.  A little daring maybe for 12-14 year olds, but a solid concept nonetheless.  We share it because it shows you how to create and attack a void using layered routes and how to create a mismatch between a LB and a speedier receiver.  Good stuff.