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Defeating Blocks on the Defensive Line

6 Apr

by Joe
Football Defense Report

The Defensive Line is not just about getting off the ball first. If all we ever taught was that, we would constantly be getting up field. Trap blocks would destroy us. Defensive Linemen have to recognize the action of their Offensive Line key and react accordingly.

In an even front, a 3-Technique lineman, aligned on the outside shade of the Offensive Guard, will face the following blocks:

1.Base Block
2.Zone To
3.Zone Away
5.Double Team
6.Pass Set
7.Pull Inside/Down Block
8.Pull Outside

There are a few other things he could see, but knowing how he needs to react to teach of these blocks will give him all of the tools he needs to be successful.

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Terminology: Backside Contain

22 Feb

Backside contain is protection for those times when an offensive play changes direction – like a reverse, or counter, or bootleg.

Like containment on the playside, backside contain is about keeping the ballcarrier bottled up in the backfield and allowing the pursuit from the interior defenders to catch him before he breaks “outside” into the perimeter where the defense is weakest.

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